no. 005 I Don’t Know



My Beloved,

“I Don’t Know.”

Ahh, those words are so satisfying.

You should try them out.

Say it with me, we can say it together,

“I Don’t Know”

Breathe IN and then, OUT.

Again….say it again, this time a little louder.


Doesn’t it feel good?

Maybe not, I get that it might feel scary to admit aloud, but let me remind you..

The sky didn’t fall,

Your world is still intact

Its perfectly okay to “not know” sometimes.

Surrendering to the not knowing, means that you’re ready to begin.

For curiosity to catch your attention.

Allowing your Soul to lead over logic and reason.

Not knowing may just be the portal that propels you towards your destiny.

Hang in there, BREATHE.

Not knowing, may be the gift you’ve been praying for.








PS. I recently had the opportunity to share my Postpartum story on DAO LABS Blog The Way. I share my raw entry into motherhood as well as the lessons that I learned navigating postpartum depression both as a practitioner and the one experiencing it. You can check it out HERE.

PPS: With the welcoming of the Equinox and the initiation of the Metal Element, I have made space in my calendar to provide 1:1 Mentorship for 3 Practitioners & Creatives that are feeling called to align their offerings and platforms with their Soul. 5 Months, You, Me & the Divine collaborating the next steady steps to cultivate your wholeness to fuel your personal and professional evolution. Click Here to Learn More.




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