Creating Sacred Space and Ritual


The last few weeks, I have been encouraging you to make some room, in your mind and in your home. Its that time of year, and so many of you have written me sharing how you felt an internal stirring that was allowing you to do this and my recent blogs we’re merely confirmation that a shift was occurring.

For what, time will tell…..

but now that your mind has a little extra bandwidth and your home has a little more room.

It’s time to create some Sacred Space.

There is nothing that the Metal Element loves more than Ritual. It’s a gift of the Metal Element that as it winds down we can take this beautiful gift into the Water Element to provide a container for us to plant seeds.

Creating Sacred Space can look many ways. It doesn’t mean that you need to buy a bunch of stuff, It doesn’t even need to be very big.

It only requires a spot where you can drop in, that you can be in communion with yourself.

Likely it will be a spot in your favourite room of your home, but truthfully, it’s only requirement is that it is a place that you can feel peace within yourself. A place that helps you remember who you are.

Almost like when you see it you feel your heart draw you in.

From there you may decide to place an object or create an altar. From a spot in your kitchen that has your favourite tea cup and journal or a shelf in your bedroom that has a picture, crystals, oracle decks, and affirmations.

You can make this space as big or as small as you want it to be. It’s yours.

5Element_LearnFor me, I needed it out of the way, a place that I could rest easy knowing that what ever I placed there wouldn’t necessarily be moved or played with by Little E.

Our spare bedroom doesn’t get a ton of action, and it’s often the room we put stuff that we don’t know what to do with so in my many tidying sessions, I got to work in there. Organized it, threw a ton of crap out and rearranged it so that the flow made it more enjoyable for me to spend more than a moment in it.

We have a medium size dresser that has nothing of significance in it or on it so I decided to make this my altar.

It has a few figurines from my childhood. I used to collect unicorns and a few have survived multiple moves so it seemed fitting that they could be placed in this space. Crystals that I have collected and provide immense meaning to me and a few different sets of oracle decks and a candle.

A journal sits at the end table of the bed, a bottle of Sage clearing spray, and a cozy blanket that I can curl up in provides the perfect space for me to spend a little time.

And I go there every morning. Sometimes for just a few minutes to take a few deep breaths and to pull a card to start my day and then sometimes I spend hours there. Writing, meditating, dreaming, My space, My time, My choice.

It is from this space that some of my best blogs have come to be, decisions made and NAPS. The naps are fabulous.

Because this space exists and that I give attention to it, it has given back to me 100 fold.

So now it’s your turn.

In the comments below I want to hear where your sacred space is being created and what you have done to make it all yours.





Photography credit @stefanmakwana

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