What Makes The Embodied Alchemy Method Different


How is The Embodied Alchemy Method different from every other self-help, spiritual, empowerment, goal setting, life fulfillment program out there? I think I got them all…..

The world, especially the online world is a noisy place, and this isn’t five years ago when programs such as this one weren’t being pitched every second day like they are now. It doesn’t matter where you turn someone has something for sale, asking you to buy in, and making promises that aren’t always realized and/or they completely miss the mark.

Curated copy and beautiful pictures go a long way, but they don’t ensure depth or that any real impact will be on the other side of the sales page.

Why am I bringing this all up?

Because I believe you’re smart, and deep down you know what and when a program is right for you.

This program may have been on your mind this past week, there’s perhaps a feeling stirring and a pull to believe that this could be something to help you with your current life’s direction, but you want to be sure. And I don’t blame you. I want you to be sure too!

You need to know that there’s substance behind my curated copy and beautiful pictures.

So, today I wanted to give you the low-down on the program and why I believe in it and why I’m putting it out in the world to share with you.

The Embodied Alchemy Method is a whole system. Hence the subtitle, 5 Element of Wholeness

The system of Chinese Medicine and the 5 Elements are 3000 years old. We use it in medicine to help heal and guide the body back to health, and we use it in psychology to assist the mind to find balance within it’s emotions and their expression and it’s been a gateway to experience spirit by connecting to the 5 Spirits in order to come into right relationship with our surroundings and Universe.

It’s a whole system, because it requires participation of all 5 Elements, it’s not complete if you leave out an Element or two to skip steps out of convenience or resistance. We are the sum of all parts, all elements make a whole circle, and our medicine, our mental health and our spirit are no different.

The method much like the medicine embraces and creates a container for you to experience the yin and the yang, the dark and the light, the being and the doing. We are creatures of duality as we seek to find ourselves in relationship to our world and surroundings, but ultimately we need to come back to the wholeness of life in order for it to all make sense.

We like the light, the happy, the doing, we’re in fast pursuit of the results, but quite often we find our greatest gifts and purpose when we dwell in the dark and the still for a while too.

Why does it work?

In the past 3 + years I’ve spent time looking into and exploring other programs and asking the questions about why people except for a small percentage don’t experience results or finish feeling deflated and even more behind than where they started. And what I’ve realized when viewed through the lens of the 5 Elements, is that most courses are incomplete when it comes to the human psyche. Most programs only call on 3 Elements and they’re usually Fire, Metal, and Wood.

A quick example and one that most of us are all to familiar with is the diet industry and weight loss programs.

First off, Food relationships are part of the Earth Elements Areas of Life’s Influence.  Except in most equations of changing these relationships the Earth Element is often left out.  There’s not much talk about your wholeness as you are in this present moment, nothing nudging you into self care and adornment or celebrating your body as she is.  No inquiry as you how she’s feeling.

These programs are all focused on what you and they consider the problem and they’re also big on promise they pull on your desire to be a smaller size, be healthier, heal a particular health concern. This is the Fire Element being called in, it speaks to your desire. All advertising calls on your Fire element BIG TIME.

And you buy in, and the program is clear on guidelines and restriction. “The PLAN” and your pathway to success is neatly laid out for you. The particular foods you should eat and avoid, the number of times you should be eating in a day etc. Its outlining a million and one reasons why their particular method is the right one. The last diet you will ever need to do. It hones into the purpose of your desire. Why you wish to be smaller, healthier and it shows you the way. This is the Metal Element using structure and a righteous attitude as to why it’s the best, and usually requires a perfect execution for you to achieve your desire.

And then it skips over to the Wood Element, requiring you to rely on absolute will power and vision to hold you through each craving, each bbq, birthday party, dinner out, LIFE. When it’s done this way it requires that you hold your breath and white knuckle your way through your life, and naturally something gives and you fall short, your desire is left unfulfilled, the circle is incomplete and your self-worth which is established and ignored in this process because that is fostered in the Earth element, takes a hit.

It’s devastating when this happens, and it happens everyday, because this like so many programs and methods it skip steps. It skipped the foundation of accounting for you, your life and your beliefs in this model. It skipped the energies of Earth and Water. Two of the places where we find our alignment to our desires. Where we put ourselves and our lives, into the equation so that we can have success, where our expectations meet our effort, and our ability to follow-thru is supported.

Now, if you have a lot of Metal or Wood in your charts what I just described can sometimes work for you because it calls on your strengths, but for those of us that are are say more Fire, Earth or Water and perhaps deficient in one or both of the Metal and Wood Elements it has to be done a different way. Our individual alchemies need to be supported and held during times transformation.

It’s been my experience that we encounter the 5 Elements in layers.

First it’s an awareness that they’re there in the first place. Gravitating to the pulse of nature, the transitions of the seasons and learning the language that you actually already know. At this point, you’re just remembering it. Taking a breath and a moment to feel into the season that’s currently guiding you within and looking out to the world to either mirror it or guide you to what comes next.

And then, when your ready it takes you deeper, the cycling of the elements never ends. Spring always turns to summer, summer to fall, fall to winter and then we find ourselves back at spring. There is no end, which is probably one of the biggest differences of this program over others. We don’t just one day wake up enlightened and our work is done. It’s a practice, it’s ongoing. What evolves is our liberation and our ability to come back to our centre quicker while opening our circle even bigger than it was before.

With each cycling of Elements, we are able to access more love, a greater call of service and a deeper willingness to support our desires and unconditionally foster others to do the same.

At this moment that thought might seem daunting or tiring, but it’s not. Every time you re-enter the circle you are able to feel into and trust your intuition about your needs, priorities and ability to be of service.

Gone are the days of martyrdom and depleting ourselves for the common good or putting off your needs until everyone else is taken care of. These ways of doing things aren’t helpful when pursuing a life of love and legacy, and the method will help guide you to lay down these outdated patterns. If this is you, consider this an opportunity to dissolve the belief that “you’re happy because everyone else is happy, and that, that’s enough for you”

Because it’s not true, and I want so much more for you.

For those that need a practical and possibly a visual entry point into their self-work and growth. Where the steps to what comes next are gradual and evolve organically, much like the transitions of a season.

I didn’t create this rhythm, it’s been waiting for us to tap into it all along and whats amazing is that each time I’ve supported someone through this method, the next step and phase naturally appears for them as they’re ready to step into it.


• Life is changing ~ you might be beginning a new project, going back to work after raising your babes, ending a relationship, or your children are individuating and you now have more time than you know what to do with.

• You feel lost ~ you’ve changed and aren’t sure how your life fits together anymore.

• You feel stuck ~ your job is boring, your relationship is unfulfilling, or your roles are draining.

• You feel like you’re living someone else’s life ~ your parent’s, your partner’s, your friend’s, either way it’s not authentically yours.

• You’re wondering what went wrong? Where did I lose myself? How did I get so off track?

• You don’t know what you want anymore, or even the first step to figuring it out.

• You know what you want, but you get distracted by the needs and demands of everyone else. There’s only so many hours in the day and right now you have none.


• You feel like you’re being initiated into a life that is much bigger than what you’re currently living and you want support while you do the inner work to make it a reality.

• You really love the idea of being part of a supportive and loving sisterhood of women that desire a life full of love and legacy.

• You’re up for supporting those women, and learning to move beyond any of your own comparison, jealousy, or judgement so that you all can feel whole and free.

• You’re ready to adapt soulful strategy and empowered action to follow thru with your goals and desires.

• You want to learn to be more productive AND more playful.

• You’re up for some serious fun and adventure.

• You are intrigued with how the wisdom of the 5 Elements can help assist you in creating a life that supports and fulfills your heart’s desires.

• You’re ready to reconcile your heart so that you no longer feel like you’re choosing between the people that you love and your ambition.

stepeamImagine a moment in the very near future where you’re able to access and embody each of the 5 Elements and their wisdom to support you in creating a life where you trust your heart and inner knowing.

A life where your questions have immediate answers and your next steps and directions arise serendipitously.

It’s all waiting for you,

Waiting for you to say yes to what your heart already knows to be true.

The time is now.

If you feel called and are ready to know yourself more deeply and possibly in a way that you have never been able to do before now, AND, at the same time use these same tools to assist you in going after your dreams, your desires and the life of profound impact.

Click here to Enroll in the Embodied Alchemy Method.





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