Seeking Alignment Over Reaching A Goal


Happy New Year!

I don’t know about you, but this year more than another year I have been overwhelmed by all of the good vibes, goals with soul, vision boards, words, and themes. Its not that I don’t have aspirations and feeling good. But I feel this immense pressure to have it all figured out by some arbitrary date.

So instead of feeling inspired and full of light and motivation, I feel tired and longing for a long nap until springtime.

I spoke earlier on my Instagram and in our community FB group about feeling anxious and ungrounded every time I tried to sit down to write out my goals.

I had goals, I had my finger on them only a few short weeks ago, but as we entered winter solstice they all washed away.

Thankfully, I know that this isn’t really the time for making big proclamations and planning out the steps. We’re fully submerged in the Water Element right now, its not the time for Action, but there’s part of me that still feels like I should put on the show and do it like everyone else and proclaim all of my desires and wants for the year.

But i can’t.

Even though the Calendar says January 1 it doesn’t mean its the time or place for holding the vision. And I’m sharing this because the defeat of not meeting our potential in January is something that happens to more than just me.

So here we are. the first week of January is in the books, and if you haven’t found your thing, it’s going to be okay. Your year isn’t over and in fact you can take this opportunity to enjoy what Water has to offer you.

Water likes fluidity.

Its not about plans and steps, A to Z. This is the realm of Wood Element, and trust me when I say this, as soon as your aligned, Empowered Action emerges and this energy will take the reigns and run with it as soon as it has the chance.

But for right now, Water would rather play and flow here and there with whimsy.

Make a mistake, or you tried something and it wasn’t for you. No worries, let’s let a little snow fall and cover your tracks so you can start with another blank slate.

Water only wishes to seek integrity and alignment to who you are in this moment. It doesn’t give two shits if the plan you have is the one that worked for your best friend or mentor so it just has to work for you.

Water holds the potential for you discover your own way.

It’s possible that the goal you would like to achieve this year will remain the same even after Water has its way with you, but the way you go about doing it could change.

Or maybe the vision itself may morph into something you least expect, that’s the beauty of surrendering your will to this energy.

eamaboutIf your willing to devote the time, which essentially means letting go of your self imposed timeline, Water can create a magical experience that holds your heart and soul at the centre of any of its doing.

For the highest good.

For your highest good.

So play, experiment, try things on, a word, a desire, a feeling, see where it takes you for an hour or a day. Resist the urge to commit to it and make it the one. Or to do it perfectly the first time you try it. We do that enough in our life.

Seeking alignment is a process and its not a straight line.

But it’s worth it. I promise.

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