6 Tools to Embrace Your Inner Fire Element

The Fire Element is in full force and it’s only been a week. I don’t know about where you’re living but it feels like Calgary has already seen some of its hottest days and its still June.

If you’ve been following me or reading my blogs you are very aware that I’m not a huge fan of the Fire Element particularly it’s heat. At this point I’m realizing that there was some Divine play at work with the fact that I became a figure skater and spent my summers in an ice rink.

With all that said, I am attempting to cultivate more Fire in my chart, (it may or may not actually show up in that way) but that doesn’t mean that I can’t embrace this season and all of its gifts a little more, instead of trying to bypass it….maybe….well see.

So here are some of the ways that I intend to invite the Fire Element in over the next couple of months and if its a goal of yours as well you can try these too.

Listen to your Soulful Yes:
Its good idea to check in with your Shen (in Chinese medicine Shen is the spirit of the Fire Element – this can also be translated to your Essence, your She among others) anytime you are beginning something important, entering into a new relationship or just starting out your day. Take a moment to notice how your Shen feels about what you are up to. Are you relaxed, infused with a steady, gentle warmth? Or are you jumpy, anxious or agitated? Your Shen Spirit knows when it is appropriate to open up your heart and when its best to protect itself.

Close Contact with others nourishes your Inner Fire:

When a Fire type recognizes this in themselves a burden of restriction and trying to deny themselves of physical touch can be released and appropriate boundaries can be established. It’s okay to be the hugger in your group of friends, its okay to want to hold your partners hand when you walk down the street. Identify the ways in which physical affection are needed in your relationships and ask for them.

If you’re not a fire type and all of this one makes you a little uncomfortable (I’m talking to you Metal Types) open up the invitation that you may welcome someone else’s affection, even for just a moment. When it happens, breathe and relax into, Another’s Fire just might help you melt a little into feeling the love.

Celebration and Connection:
Friendships, sisterhood and community are incredibly important for the Fire Element. The Fire energy fosters natural connection and collaboration, embrace this aspect in yourself and make room in your social calendar to engage in play, laughter and love. They’re necessary events that need to occur every day in some form.

Is the way to the heart and is the best type of exercise to connect to the Fire Element. Its vibratory movements in your body and to music allow your fire to burn brightly. Click here for a Heart Opening Qoya Exercise.

Daily devotions to Self-love are the truest expression of love to yourself. These actions only strengthen the belief that you are loveable. they will heal your heart in whichever capacity that is needed in that moment. Take the time to delight in the expression of you and take great care in daily acts of kindness to yourself.

Laugh Daily:
Joy and Love are the emotions relating to the heart and the Fire Element. Its important to bring attention to these emotions everyday by laughing EVERYDAY. Laughter is the gateway to experience the highest vibration in the body and will create lasting effects on the body, mind and soul as you relate to the world.

One or all of these activities will help foster more Fire in your life.

I personally have a tendency to be a little over serious and a little play and connection can go a long way.

However, there can be moments where Fire can also burn out of control creating chaos and destruction which means that it’s helpful to look to Water considered the Father of Fire and Earth the Child of Fire to help quell the fire Element so that it remains manageable and collaborative.

They’re ways to do this within the Wood and Metal Elements as well but I find Water and Earth to be the most effective.

Borrowing form the essence of Water one can participate in:

Meditation and Silence:
Because of the natural tendency for the Fire Element to be extroverted its imperative that you make coming inward and in reflection a practice to keep this energy supported and free from becoming burnt out. Develop a meditative practice that allows for the clarity and voices of the Shen to reveal your Hearts Desire.

And seeking the Earth Element to ground one self through an:

Earth Meditation:
Standing on the earth with your bare feet shoulder width apart, your legs slightly bent you can allow the earth energies to enter your body through your feet. The extra connection to the earth which you will gain from this simple stance can be very healing and it can enable you to experience yourself as more secure, balanced, and centred inside.

No matter how you choose to embrace your inner fire, the main theme is LOVE.

Be Love,
Share Love
The world will be better for it!





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